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    Jonathan Treu, works as a Project Manager in the city of Los Angeles, California.

    In 1993, he received his MBA in Project Management from the University of Southern California. Since then, Jonathan has worked on more than 500 projects, gaining a diverse range of valuable experience. He has learned how to be a good leader, how to communicate effectively with his teams, and how to motivate his team to complete their tasks successfully.


    In addition to Agile and Scrum, he has worked with Kanban and Waterfall processes, as well as a variety of other approaches. Jonathan works as a Senior Project Manager on a variety of projects, ranging from new building projects from the ground up to historic repairs. Over the course of his career, he has amassed a diverse spectrum of experience in a variety of building project applications.



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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

      According to Jonathan Treu, a project manager himself,hiring a project manager can help you save money. Many businesses have beenimpacted by COVID-19, and they are striving to regain as much of their losses as possible. Hiring a project manager to oversee the work of your team might save you...
    Digital project management is a unique type of project management that differs from traditional project management. Rather than taking a hands-on approach, a digital project manager oversees things digitally and handles things using technology, rather than traditional management styles. If you...
    Jonathan Treu Helps You to Understand When a Project Manager May Be Beneficial Working on any project can come with a particular set of challenges. Often, projects run behind schedule, and when they do, you can find yourself scrambling to play catch up. You will need someone you can rely on to...
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